Yukon tough

Just returned from a wonderful visit to my Mom and Dad in Whitehorse. The Yukon is not for sissies; it was a nippy -38 C at the airport the morning we left. As long as you dress warmly, it’s really exhilerating to be out tropping around. We made a visit out to see Jonathan Lucas, the owner of Icy Waters fish farm. We picked up 80 lbs of beautiful Northern Spirit arctic char to haul home and, as a bonus, we got to meet his sled dogs. Jon is a musher, and has entered a number of races including the Yukon Quest. We had been hoping (okay, I had been hoping) for a turn on the sled, but it was -28 that day so we just settled for meeting the dogs instead! Thanks, Jonathan, for taking time out of your busy fish schedule to show us some authentic sled dogs. Below, you’ll see how the fashionable people dress for -28, good for meeting the dogs, and what our faces look like following a half hour of it! Here’s a photo from the Yukon Quest, with happy dogs out on a run in their little winter booties. The last photo is what -37 looks like, but it was working its way closer to -40 at the airport when we flew out the morning of December 18th.




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