Awww, shucks too

Photographer pal Heather Fritz posted this on her blog recently. I’m not kidding; you ever need a photographer? Get her:

Friday, July 19, 2013  Awwww, shucks! The most recent edition of the Saskatoon Fine Lifestyles magazine contains much of my work.  It is the annual “Best of the Best” issue and many of my existing clients ask that I shoot their photos for the publication.  I was pretty thrilled when the publishers decided to feature Heather Fritz Photography in the “Best of” section (I promise you, no palms were greased ).  It probably helps that the feature was written by Women of Distinction Award winner and renowned author, Karin Melberg Schwier-thanks Karin! So, Saskatchewan, thank you for all the support, all the great times, all the cool photos and all of your ongoing support. You think this is the best we can do?…wait until you see what we have planned for upcoming year!



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