Some excitement lately and more coming up

It’s been a parade of surprises lately, so I’ll start in no particular order. I was gobsmacked as they say to be nominated for the YWCA Women of Distinction Awards and attended the nominees’ reception last night at the Sheraton Top of the Inn. Thirty-four women have been nominated in ten categories and the achievements and contributions they’ve made makes one’s head spin. This is the 32nd annual awards and the YWCA has been recognizing women for “contributions to enhancing the status of women in our community.” I am very honoured and mystified to be part of this group. The Awards Dinner will be held at TCU Place May 23rd. If you’d like more details and/or tickets, visit the YWCA. There will be an announcement of the nominees in the May 2nd issue of the Saskatoon Star Phoenix, and a 2-page feature where you can read about all this year’s nominees on May 10.

But before then, other exciting news! If you can stay up late, catch Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC TV Wednesday, May 1. Our youngest son Ben and his partners Derek and Josh in The Park are backing up UK singer Alice Russell (we think she’s even better than Adele, but we’re biased 🙂 The live performance on the show kicks off a US tour; Ben and the boys will travel with Alice to various west and east coast gigs so if you’re close to any, get your tickets now! Have a little listen to Alice and the boys here.



3 thoughts on “Some excitement lately and more coming up

  1. Dear Cousin, Congratulations!! There is no doubt in my mind that those that nominated you for this honor picked the right person. Karin, it is a honor to have you as a relative as is your brother, mother and father. Cousin John

  2. You are the most superb lousy public speaker I’ve ever heard. Add that to your much-deserved award. Liv and I were absolutely delighted to be there for you.

    • I was honoured that you would want to be there. And I bask in your lousy compliment; I’m sure I learned the art of narrative from some superb English 101 professor at the University of Saskatchean eons ago – or as our southern friends say, “It’s been yonks.” I’m very glad we’re still connected.

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