Some kid, a tiger and a boat

Grandson Alexander, 6, lives in San Diego. He sent us, with much excitement and many instructions, a Flat Stanley. Flat Stanley supposedly got flattened by a falling bookcase or something, but the upside is that he can be mailed all over the world to collect interesting experiences visiting new people and new lands. Flat Stanley arrived in our mailbox and we set about to help him collect photos during his Saskatchewan mid-winter visit. Aside from a ride on the snowblower with Bobo and sledding with Uncle Jim, he also had an afternoon with neighbours (well, they still technically live in the neighbourhood, just no longer across the street). Flat Stanley had a suppertime visit with Yann and Alice and the kids. The next day, Uncle Jim took him over for a private reading (from some book Yann wrote, perhaps you’ve heard of it?) Sneaky Stanley did not make it back into the car, so we received a cryptic note from “Uncle Yann” later in the day, describing all the fun they were getting up to in Yann’s studio. Stanley has since gone back to San Diego, and we are waiting to hear how Alexander’s class enjoyed the snow blower.

Isn’t Saskatoon great?



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