The artist’s eye

Heather Fritz is a fantastic Saskatoon-based photographer with a background in journalism who’s developed an ever-expanding portfolio full of big names, families, weddings, big bellies, babies, and commercial projects. Our work is often paired on magazine pieces and I’m always flabbergasted at how fresh and different her images are, whether the subject is a celebrity, a newborn, or even a kitchen reno. She’s become, I’m proud to say, a friend.


We recently spent a fun afternoon together at Caffe Sola (the light is great in there!) I’m updating my website (well, my son Ben is, to be more accurate) and I needed more current photos for book promotion. I have a collection now that turned out so well I hardly recognize myself! She’s just so easy to be with that you forget about posing. She has an artist’s eye and a storyteller’s knack for capturing the essence of her subjects.


Heather also offers a basic photography class now and then, and if you want to get a better grip on your SLR, take this workshop! If your big fancy digital camera has been relegated to automatic settings, Heather will gently guide you to the “a ha!” revelation that puts you in control. For all she is, 5 stars.


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