If a little kid can do it….

10-year-old eco-blogger creates STOP, START AND CONTINUE campaign for Earth Hour 2013

Hannah Alper creates initiate a pledge aimed to help individuals and families to renew their commitment to the environment. “It’s like New Year’s resolutions for the Environment,” she says.

 TORONTO, March 13 – 10-year-old Toronto-based Hannah Alper one of the most popular kid bloggers, today launched her STOP, START AND CONTINUE campaign for Earth Hour 2013, happening Saturday March 23th from 8:30pm-9:30pmET.

 Hannah said children and kids are passionate about supporting causes that promote help and change for the environment. “Earth Hour should be a time to connect with your family and friends to talk about and renew your commitment to the environment. This Pledge and certificate encourages individuals and families to consider what they can do – STOP, START and CONTINUE in the year ahead for the well-being of the environment. Earth Hour encourages all of us to unplug and shut off. I want people to really think about why they are shutting down for the hour and think about what they can do to help. We can all do something.”

 Hannah hopes The Pledge (available in 4 different formats to download and print from her blog) will find a place in the home, office or classroom and will be proudly displayed to make families and kids feel good about what each of them are doing and to remind them of their commitment. A few of Hannah’s Ideas for The Pledge include:



Using plastic water bottles

Leaving lights on when you leave the room

Using plastic bags

Throwing out what can be donated or reused (clothes, toys, books)


Unplug electronics when not using them

I will organize a cleanup in my neighbourhood

Get involved with local causes

Grow a garden and try to plant some of my vegetables

Turn off the water when I’m brushing my teeth

 “When you power down for the hour, I want you to spend that time and think about what you can do, what you change – what you can stop, start and continue. Three things, that’s it. Those three things add up to a big difference,” says Hannah.

 Hannah Alper started her blog after participating in a 3-hour Word Press workshop at The Digital Family Summit in Philadelphia in June 2012. After reaching 100,000 page views in less than 2 months, she was interviewed by Global TV, ZOOMER, The Marilyn Show, CBC’s George Stroumboulopoulos, and has been featured in a spotlight from Chickadee Magazine and named as a Champion of the Earth in Owl Magazine.

Go to Hannah’s site for a pledge certificate for your family.


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