From an old friend

Jim has a childhood friend named Jeremy who is turning 36 this month; we share the date and he always reminds Rick and I that December 27th is also our anniversary so “we are twins!” Jer’s mom Maxine got a copy of Flourish recently and wrote me this lovely note. Like the last post, this is how I hoped Flourish would touch readers:

“I just finished reading Flourish and I wanted to say thank you so much for writing it. I started to read the book, stayed up half the night and finished it first thing in the morning. Didn’t even read the paper! It inspired me to look into how we were not always working hard to help Jeremy realize his dreams. Then I remembered that his most consistent dream over the past five years has been to live with his friend Devan in their own home, like so many of their friends have done recently. We’ve had to modify that plan many times and are nowhere near giving it up, but Devan’s mom Karen and I feel that we have somewhere to start. They should move in early next year; Jer tells everyone January 1st. I am very glad you wrote the book and provided me with a bit of a wakeup call. I am always inspired by personal stories–they encourage me not to become too complacent. Flourish is so inspirational and I will be telling other parents to get it.”

Jim and Jeremy at Persephone Theatre recently.



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